Hold the Verde Sauce, Please

I LOVE me some Mexican style food!  Nachos, Enchiladas, Quesadillas, and who could forget TACOS!? Chips and Salsa are not just a snack, they have been my meal more than one occasion!  I could eat Mexican food almost every day 🙂  However, I AM a WIMP.  I can’t have salsa any hotter than mild, whether store bought or in restaurant.

The time I wasn’t paying attention when I ordered my enchiladas still haunts me.  I normally get the Enchiladas Monterey with a nice red enchilada sauce or some sour cream from our local authentic restaurant.  Well I wasn’t thinking and ordered the Enchiladas Verde.  BIG DIFFERENCE!  That verde sauce was HOT  I was sweating and guzzling down my water trying to eat my meal.  My Dad was very entertained by this.  He had apparently been impressed I had ordered the verde, until he realized I had done it on accident.  He smiled at me after my first bite and said, “Is that hot?” I ate the enchiladas though; they were good and I definitely drank my fair share of water that day!  Since then I pay very close attention to what I am ordering 🙂

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