Rose Crazy

This spring I finally got around to ordering (bare root) rose bushes from David Austin Roses.  I ordered a Boscobel and Claire Austin.  The Boscobel is a a salmony-pink, and Claire Austin is white.  Both are very fragrant.  The last time I attempted to grow a Boscobel it didn’t survive the winter as I hadn’t planted it deep enough; I definitely did not make that mistake this time around!

They arrived just a couple of weeks ago.  I soaked them in a bucket over night and planted them.  They have some leafs starting to sprout up nice now.  I can’t wait for them to bloom this summer and just get bigger and better over the next years!

Here are photos from David Austin’s site of these beauties.


Round and Round The Rectangle

20141106_135356[1]I’ve been in a crocheting and knitting frenzy the last couple of months.  Christmas is right around the corner and I am trying to get gifts made.  The above is my latest project now that I’ve got a bunch of scarves done.  It’s a rectangle granny pattern. I’m using worsted weight yarn and an H hook.  I’ve got at least 1 more round of each color to go, and then the fun of weaving in ends and blocking.  Since the pattern called for a chain 2 between each set of 3 double crochets, the gaps in it are bigger than preferable for a lapghan.  I’ve decided I’ll line the back with a layer of fleece.  That will add extra warmth and snuggliness, especially since the person it is going to doesn’t have the warmest house during the winter.  Although I am personally not a huge fan of pink, I think the colors look great together.  I am hoping the person it is for is going to love it as well.

Now, I’ve got more crocheting to do before my 5 year old gets home from school!

Endless Summer

20140927_161426Finally bought the hydrangea type I’ve been lusting after for a year, and planted it in what I’m hoping is the perfect spot!  Yes the hosta planted near it (a long time ago, not by me) is looking a bit rough, but Yay look at my beautiful hydrangea. It’s an Endless Summer series The Original. Supposed to bloom spring through fall. I threw a bunch of pine needles in the hole and used some more to mulch around the top of the soil because I KNOW it’s going to be blooming pink, so I may as well start trying to change the soil to be more acidic so I can have big beautiful BLUE  blooms 🙂

I also planted about 120 little crocus bulbs (caroms?) But no pictures of those. I am super excited about them blooming in the spring in all the different areas of the yard.  Hoping the chipmunks don’t treat themselves to them first.


20140913_171002Hey Look!  That Angel Pop-Over Crochet Dress I was working on, well it’s all done!  All the loose ends have been weaved in (or is it woven in?).  I crocheted a flower and attached it and then sewed a cute pearlescent button in the center of the flower.  I am so freaking proud of this little dress!  🙂  It’s a cute birthday present!

The Little Pink Dress

 angeldress1I finally was brave enough to attempt to crochet an article of clothing.  (No, I never did finish that tank I started many moons ago.) Baby items are so nice to try something new with since they are smaller, quicker projects than the adult versions.  Lucky for me my little niece has a birthday coming up and I found some beautiful pink yarn at the local store the other day.  It was time to try something new and take a risk. 

Of course I scoured Pinterest and Ravelry trying to find the perfect yet simple pattern written in English and free.  I found the Angel Pop-Over Dress posted by Cookie61868.  (Pattern Here)  The above picture was my progress yesterday.  That was the second day I had worked on the project.  As of right now I just have to crochet a flower to then attach to the dress and weave in all the loose ends.  I used a G hook instead of H since I used a Worsted Weight yarn (Caron Simply Soft) instead of the recommended Sport/Baby Yarn.  I am pleased with how it has turned out and how quick and easy it actually was.  I can’t wait to crochet a tutu style dress for my 5 year old! (Christmas Present perhaps?)

Oh!  Here is the dress at the moment:  🙂



Teavana’s Moroccan Mint Green Tea

This Tea Time Tuesday post is days late; I’m sorry!  But here it is without further ado…

Moroccan Mint Green Tea is a fairly low priced green tea offered by Teavana.  Upon opening the package, it definitely smells minty with a nice grassy green tea smell.  The smells dissipate during the brewing and the brewed tea doesn’t taste as strong as the leaves initially smell.

The taste is typical of a smooth green tea.  The mint is very apparent.  It’s not a sweet mint flavor, so if you want it sweet you’ll definitely need to add your own sweetener.  I prefer this flavor hot over cold, though it can be served both ways.  (For iced mint green tea I prefer their Jade Citrus Mint, but that’s another post.)

This flavor is one of the least expensive of Teavana’s green teas.  That being said, it is a no-nonsense minty green tea.  The ingredients are “Green tea and spearmint leaves”.  No extra flavors, no extra frills.  Not a bad tea for those on a budget.

 Teavana sells Moroccan Mint Green Tea for:

2 oz  $4.98     1/4 lb   $9.96     8 oz   $19.92

The website describes the tea:

” This exciting and refreshing blend of Chinese gunpowder green tea and Moroccan spearmint mingle together with every refined and pleasing sip.  “

Enjoying One of the Last Sundays of Summer

Today was a great day. I’ve finally come to accept the fact that there will be no more sleeping in  for me in this life.  If I can sleep past 8 AM anymore, that is doing pretty good!  That being said, I’m able to get up and tackle my day in the morning.  We were ready and running errands and left the house shortly after 10 this morning.  ON A SUNDAY!  So after our errands were tackled and lunch in our bellies we came home where I did some work and supervised Tot playing in the yard.

I finally blew up the Hopper ball thingy she got for Christmas.  Watching her try to figure out to jump on it while staying on it was pretty entertaining.  Then, with a little help from Hubster we put the pedals back on her little bike.  We had removed those in June after I read some blogs about how much easier it is for kids to learn to ride a bike with the pedals removed so they learn to balance and “coast” and it’s not so hard for them to balance when the pedals are back on. The training wheels are off of course.  So she attempted to “ride” her bike like a big girl with her pedals and I’m quite proud of the progress she’s making.  Obviously, she isn’t a pro, but I think that the whole no-pedals: ditch-the-training wheels- thing really did help.  It’s so cute to see her get frustrated, think about giving up, but push through and try again.  Also major bonus points to Hubster when he did his Dad thing holding her steady while she pedaled!


After wearing ourselves out, I watered my very dry garden. (Can it just please rain already?!)  Then we came inside and cleaned up and I made an awesome dinner that my husband actually looked forward to 🙂  Chicken Alfredo (I used those awesome twirly Cavatappi noodles and Tyson grilled chicken strips) and since I don’t do alfredo I had plain ol’ spaghetti sauce.  It was wonderful! Plus I have enough leftover that I don’t have to worry about what to pack for my work lunch tomorrow!

Tot’s in bed. My laundry is in the washer.  I found enough quiet time to sit down and bang out a blog and now it’s time for me to read my book!  I’ve finally made it to Book 6 of the Outlander series in my rereading adventure!  Now that I’ve finally bought my copy of  Written In My Own Hearts Blood I am so ready to be done rereading and start Book 8 🙂

I hope everyone else’s Sunday was just as wonderful!

The Republic of Tea: Ginger Peach


Upon opening The Republic of Tea’s Ginger Peach Black Tea Full Leaf I definitely noticed the peachy fragrance.  I love peach so this was enjoyable for me.  It was a sweet smell that kind of reminded me of the sweetened Instant Nestea Iced Tea.  Upon brewing, it had more of a black tea fragrance and the peach wasn’t as noticeable and I wasn’t noticing any ginger.  Once brewed it was a nice full black tea with a hint of peach, maybe just a tiny bit of ginger.  I enjoyed this cup hot, but have had it iced since and I like it both ways.

20140721_113723[1]  The Republic of Tea online sells the Ginger Peach Black Full Leaf Tea

3.5 oz Tin   $10.00

3.5 oz refill  $9.50

Bulk 1 LB $37.00

Taster Tin .71 oz $4.50

The Republic of Tea’s website describes it:

Longevity Tea – This best-selling tea offers the sweet lushness of a fancy peach seasoned with the tingle of spicy ginger. Exceptional over ice. Voted Outstanding Beverage by the National Association of Specialty Food Trade. 


I enjoy this black tea and will definitely buy it again!