REMEMBER THE TIME: I Got In Trouble With The Law?

OK, I admittedly didn’t get into BIG trouble.  I am a good girl, and try to be an upstanding citizen.  I do however have a slight speeding problem.  I say slight because while I’m doing my 5-10 over posted limit I’m getting passed by much faster speeders!  Anywho… back to the subject.

It was June of either 2011 or 2012 and I was heading into town late morning to make it to the bank and do a little shopping. The posted speed limit on the road I was on is 50.  I will go ahead and say I have been known to drive 60 on this stretch of road.  This particular day there was an SUV in front of me and it’s not like I was chasing him down… he stayed about the same distance in front of me the whole time and I was going 55 mph.  We are in this dip, and over the hill coming toward us in the other lane is a Sheriff car.  Well he gets past us and I see him stop and turn around in a driveway and begin following me.  $h*+!  But the SUV is still driving faster than me and his car is nicer so it should be no problem, right? WRONG. He follows me for what felt like a VERY LONG 2 miles and waits until we get almost to the stop light of an intersection to put on the lights and pull me over. I have NEVER been pulled over!  I thought I was going to puke and I was so nervous I was about to cry.  He comes to my door and I’m frantically trying to find my Registration and Proof of Insurance along with my ID to hand to him.  He mentions I was going 5 mph over the limit.  I think he could tell I was all flustered and felt sorry for me so I only got a warning.  And a reminder that I need to carry up to date insurance information because my POI just so happened to be expired.

I will say I was wearing a tank top and have been informed that I look younger than I am.  My thoughts on the situation are he was bored and thought he saw a young lady driving the car Daddy bought her and decided to stop me.  Much to his surprise I ended up being a late-20-some-year old with a toddler in a car seat in back saying “Mommy, there’s a man at your window!”  And when I had renewed my driver license I just so happened to have been very pregnant with that said toddler and had went to the BMV after a long day of work and it was a windy day so I looked miserable in my picture.  Very miserable.

I will note that I do drive a bit slower through there, most of the time.  And I always have my up-to-date insurance card in the car now!  So I guess some good did come from that; I guess I didn’t completely waste his time.  I have only been pulled over once since then because my headlight was out, which I was completely unaware of, and I only received a warning for that too.  Not too much of a law breaker here – can’t afford the tickets 😉


This was a fun topic for the monthly Blog Hop.  Thanks Rob!