Obviously, my name is Melissa.  I live in Ohio with my dairy farmer husband and our daughter.  My husband is my soul mate and we were married after I graduated high school after dating for 5 years.  Our daughter is in pre school, and everyday is an adventure with her!

I work at a greenhouse/florist and I love my job! Who knew that all these years I secretly had a green thumb?  I love to watch the plants grow and thrive and try my hand with planting at home.   There are plenty of days I prefer the company of plants over people!

In my free time (ha ha!) I  crochet, knit, read books, and watch TV.  I taught myself how to crochet in January of 2011 with a self-teach kit, YouTube videos, and the guidance of an old friend.  In November of 2012 I began knitting.  I still prefer crocheting, but there are some projects that are just better knitted.  I love, Love, LOVE Books!  If there’s anything I hoard (besides yarn) it is books.  I seriously want to own ALL the books 🙂  My dream house includes a home library with the the floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with books.  I already have quite the collection going, and love adding to it.  Books open doors to places I’ll never be able to go and offer a great escape from the saga that is my life.

I drink a lot of Tea.  I prefer tea over coffee, or any other beverage.  The last couple of years I’ve extended my tea knowledge beyond the old Lipton tea bags and dove into the world of loose leaf teas.  I am loving them!  Not always budget friendly to this frugal Mom, but even I deserve to indulge once in awhile!  The flavor and variety is so worth it ❤

The Husband and I

The Husband and I

My daughter with one of our dogs

My daughter with one of our dogs


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Really like your intro. It allows the reader to connect with and get a sense of who you are. I’m looking forward to discovering if I have a green thumb soon. Also a lover of books, ah the day that I can purchase tons of used ones, and have an organized space for them. Reading books on a reader (while environmentally friendly) isn’t for me. I like the antiqued pages, highlights and feel of a book between my fingers

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