The only thing I’ve accomplished all day

Since I rested all day yesterday (curled up in my bed with my book.  3/4 of the way through Dragonfly In Amber)  I had planned on doing some cleaning and laundry today.  That so has not happened.  I woke up feeling like dog poo.  Finally in the afternoon I decided a nice hot shower would help.  Then I was hungry so I decided to make a chocolate cake.  Just a box mix, nothing special.  While that was baking I then decided to make use of the container of blueberries I recently bought.  So I found a lovely recipe for Blueberry Buckle and whipped up one of those to go in the oven when the cake was finished baking.  I must admit, the blueberry buckle is yummier than the chocolate cake.


Once the baking and tasting were done, I watched a movie with my toddler.  Then gave her a bath.  Convinced the husband to bring home Subway for dinner, and I have told myself I will put my laundry in the washer as soon as I finish this post.  Not bad for a weekend off.  It was a long week and this week coming will probably be longer.  Did I mention my toddler is on Spring Break this week?? Maybe I’ll let her vacuum tomorrow…

Oh, and I found the Blueberry Buckle recipe on Pinterest (I am a Pinterest junkie, but I do actually DO some of the stuff I pin and plan to do more!) but you can get straight to the recipe on this blog post:

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!