Round and Round The Rectangle

20141106_135356[1]I’ve been in a crocheting and knitting frenzy the last couple of months.  Christmas is right around the corner and I am trying to get gifts made.  The above is my latest project now that I’ve got a bunch of scarves done.  It’s a rectangle granny pattern. I’m using worsted weight yarn and an H hook.  I’ve got at least 1 more round of each color to go, and then the fun of weaving in ends and blocking.  Since the pattern called for a chain 2 between each set of 3 double crochets, the gaps in it are bigger than preferable for a lapghan.  I’ve decided I’ll line the back with a layer of fleece.  That will add extra warmth and snuggliness, especially since the person it is going to doesn’t have the warmest house during the winter.  Although I am personally not a huge fan of pink, I think the colors look great together.  I am hoping the person it is for is going to love it as well.

Now, I’ve got more crocheting to do before my 5 year old gets home from school!



20140913_171002Hey Look!  That Angel Pop-Over Crochet Dress I was working on, well it’s all done!  All the loose ends have been weaved in (or is it woven in?).  I crocheted a flower and attached it and then sewed a cute pearlescent button in the center of the flower.  I am so freaking proud of this little dress!  🙂  It’s a cute birthday present!

The Little Pink Dress

 angeldress1I finally was brave enough to attempt to crochet an article of clothing.  (No, I never did finish that tank I started many moons ago.) Baby items are so nice to try something new with since they are smaller, quicker projects than the adult versions.  Lucky for me my little niece has a birthday coming up and I found some beautiful pink yarn at the local store the other day.  It was time to try something new and take a risk. 

Of course I scoured Pinterest and Ravelry trying to find the perfect yet simple pattern written in English and free.  I found the Angel Pop-Over Dress posted by Cookie61868.  (Pattern Here)  The above picture was my progress yesterday.  That was the second day I had worked on the project.  As of right now I just have to crochet a flower to then attach to the dress and weave in all the loose ends.  I used a G hook instead of H since I used a Worsted Weight yarn (Caron Simply Soft) instead of the recommended Sport/Baby Yarn.  I am pleased with how it has turned out and how quick and easy it actually was.  I can’t wait to crochet a tutu style dress for my 5 year old! (Christmas Present perhaps?)

Oh!  Here is the dress at the moment:  🙂



A Tank Top It Will Be

After months of not even picking up a hook, I finally started a crochet project today!  I was inspired to try something completely new.  I’ve made blankets, scarves, hats, even booties but I’ve never made articles of clothing I can actually wear!  I’ve had a tear off sheet from a craft store of a Caron Simply Soft cami pattern since I began crocheting several years ago.  Finally today I began to work on that pattern!  Now I decided to use some worsted weight yarn I have in my stash instead of running off to the craft store for wonderful Caron Simply Soft.  I figured I’d use this one as a test cami and if I like it after I’m done then I’ll go splurge on the Caron yarn in my color choice.

So far so good.  I’ve made the net section of the front and back.  The pattern said to do this for 9 inches, and when it’s stretched flat it is 9 inches tall but it looks longer in the pattern’s picture… not sure if it’s the weight of the edging added at the bottom that I don’t have yet, or the difference in the yarn.  Guess we’ll find out when it’s finished!



Even if this tank top doesn’t work out, I’ve at least crossed the threshold into something new and I’m already thinking up how the next tank top should be and what yarn and color I’d use.  I do love a comfy tank top in the summer 🙂

OH!  You can try your hand at the Caron Floral Cami pattern here.  Let me know if you have made this tank, or how it goes if you take on this project!

My Beginnings in Crochet


Way back in January of 2011 I bought a Boye self-teach kit for crochet.  I didn’t think what I was doing looked exactly like the pictures so I watched and crocheted along with some how-to videos on YouTube.  With YouTube along with text messages to a friend who had been crocheting far longer than I, I was able to figure out what I was doing.

I made “swatches” of the basic stitches until I was comfortable enough to make an actual project.  I think I may have made washcloths to start with and switched to baby blankets.  Also some baby beanies.  I learned to read patterns, and made some stuff on my own.  I made a toddler size blanket for my daughter where I switched colors, and she still sleeps with it to this day 🙂  Then the first lapghan size blanket I made was a large granny square in a variegated yarn.  It turned out beautiful. I’ve made scarves, a purse, lots of baby blankets and beanies, hats, baby booties, and even a full size blanket for my husband.  I’ve come a long way since completing that first chain.  I’m still amazed at the things a simple skein of unassuming yarn can become.  There are so many more projects I want to accomplish and complete.  Here is a sample of some of my work.  Enjoy!











Snapdragon Shells Baby Blanket and Shell Baby Beanie Complete!


YES!  I finally sat down today and wove in all the loose ends to officially finish the blanket!  I also made a baby beanie to go with it.  You can get the pattern for the beanie here

I had to tweak it for my hat just a bit since I was using the same yarn as I used for the blanket.  As there are no babies around, I can’t test my beanie out for size.  I do think it’s a bit wider around than maybe it should be, but not all babies are born with teeny tiny little heads.  The pattern was for 3-6 months old anyhow.  Also, I used both strands of yarn for the top part then switched to just white for two rounds of shells followed by a single round of yellow shells.  I finished per the pattern with a round of slip stitches.


Anyway, just wanted to share that I finally found the time to finish the project! Haven’t yet decided what my next project will be, but as the Spring (busy season for us at work) is fast approaching, this may be the last finished piece of work before summer gets here.

“Snapdragon Shells” Baby Blanket (Almost) Complete!

Snap Dragon Shells 2

The baby blanket I began crocheting about a month ago and then didn’t touch since is finally done!  Well the crochet part anyhow.  As you can see I still have to weave in all the loose ends. Perhaps I will force myself to do that tomorrow so I can’t procrastinate on what feels very much like a chore.

I went with yellow and white intending it to be unisex blanket, but even halfway in decided this pattern gave it a very feminine feel.  Oh well.  I really like the shell pattern and it’s so soft!  I used Red Heart Baby Sport in yellow and Red Heart Soft Baby in white.  I think it came out beautifully.  Although I wish I had made it just a couple of inches wider, the length is perfect but seems to make it look not as wide as it should be.

Snap Dragon Shells

It should still look pretty sweet in a crib and light enough for summer use.  Now to make a matching beanie!