Rose Crazy

This spring I finally got around to ordering (bare root) rose bushes from David Austin Roses.  I ordered a Boscobel and Claire Austin.  The Boscobel is a a salmony-pink, and Claire Austin is white.  Both are very fragrant.  The last time I attempted to grow a Boscobel it didn’t survive the winter as I hadn’t planted it deep enough; I definitely did not make that mistake this time around!

They arrived just a couple of weeks ago.  I soaked them in a bucket over night and planted them.  They have some leafs starting to sprout up nice now.  I can’t wait for them to bloom this summer and just get bigger and better over the next years!

Here are photos from David Austin’s site of these beauties.



Endless Summer

20140927_161426Finally bought the hydrangea type I’ve been lusting after for a year, and planted it in what I’m hoping is the perfect spot!  Yes the hosta planted near it (a long time ago, not by me) is looking a bit rough, but Yay look at my beautiful hydrangea. It’s an Endless Summer series The Original. Supposed to bloom spring through fall. I threw a bunch of pine needles in the hole and used some more to mulch around the top of the soil because I KNOW it’s going to be blooming pink, so I may as well start trying to change the soil to be more acidic so I can have big beautiful BLUE  blooms 🙂

I also planted about 120 little crocus bulbs (caroms?) But no pictures of those. I am super excited about them blooming in the spring in all the different areas of the yard.  Hoping the chipmunks don’t treat themselves to them first.