Teavana’s Moroccan Mint Green Tea

This Tea Time Tuesday post is days late; I’m sorry!  But here it is without further ado…

Moroccan Mint Green Tea is a fairly low priced green tea offered by Teavana.  Upon opening the package, it definitely smells minty with a nice grassy green tea smell.  The smells dissipate during the brewing and the brewed tea doesn’t taste as strong as the leaves initially smell.

The taste is typical of a smooth green tea.  The mint is very apparent.  It’s not a sweet mint flavor, so if you want it sweet you’ll definitely need to add your own sweetener.  I prefer this flavor hot over cold, though it can be served both ways.  (For iced mint green tea I prefer their Jade Citrus Mint, but that’s another post.)

This flavor is one of the least expensive of Teavana’s green teas.  That being said, it is a no-nonsense minty green tea.  The ingredients are “Green tea and spearmint leaves”.  No extra flavors, no extra frills.  Not a bad tea for those on a budget.

 Teavana sells Moroccan Mint Green Tea for:

2 oz  $4.98     1/4 lb   $9.96     8 oz   $19.92

The website describes the tea:

” This exciting and refreshing blend of Chinese gunpowder green tea and Moroccan spearmint mingle together with every refined and pleasing sip.  “


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