The Father’s Day Gift

I’m sure you’re all aware that Father’s Day is in 1 week.  I’ve been aware that it is fast approaching and some ideas have floated through my mind of what to get my Husband-the wonderful father of our child 🙂  I apparently haven’t decided because I have yet to buy/make anything.  Uh-oh.

Now I should go ahead and say right now that the traditional “tie for Father’s Day” has NEVER been an option for my husband as he does not wear ties.  I’m not a big fan of ties myself and felt weird around him the few times in our many years together he’s had to wear one.  He is a dairy farmer and most comfortable in his jeans and t-shirt.  Obviously cuff-links are also not an option.

For his first Father’s Day present I had bought a special “best daddy” or some such photo frame and in it was a picture of him and our daughter next to a cow statue she was trying to pet.  He LOVED it!  It may have been the BEST gift EVER!  I’m thinking now that she turns 5 this year, perhaps we need an updated Daddy and Daughter picture in a frame for him to hang proudly in his farm office.  Yet, at this point getting the 2 of them together in a touching Father-Daughter moment and developing it within the week seems nearly impossible.

Or we could do some hand print/footprint painting deal with a cute catchphrase (like the ones on Pinterest of course!) and frame one of those.  The possibilities are endless.  My budget and the time to come up with the perfect Father’s Day gift is unfortunately not as endless.  AND THEN I still need to come up with a gift for my Father…

Is your Father’s Day gift all ready to give?  What is your present for the Dad in your life?


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