Dragon Fruit Devotion from Teavana

It’s My First Tea Time 2sDay Post!

As such, I thought I’d start with my favorite herbal tea which also happens to be the tea that began my loose-leaf experience!  I tried a sample of it at the local Teavana store and was immediately hooked!  Sometimes I sweeten it, other times I just brew and drink as is.  It works just as good hot as is does iced though I’m sure most people would prefer its fruitiness iced.

Dragon Fruit Devotion- an Herbal Infusion available at Teavana


The picture on the left shows the dry herbal tea in my “Perfect Tea Maker” (also available from Teavana).  You can see the pieces of apples and candied mango, lemongrass, hibiscus flower, strawberry pieces, and rose petals.  The first smells you notice when opening the bag/tin is a wonderful and strong fruitiness.

The official description on Teavana’s website: “The enticing flavors of this fruit-laden delight are steeped with a delicious medley of dragonfruit, orange, mango, guava, and luscious strawberry. It’s a tropical journey, soothed with the lush tropical fragrance of rose & orange flower blossoms.

Vibrant hibiscus balanced with sweet dragonfruit, guava and mango”

As the picture on the right shows, the strawberry pieces and hibiscus flowers give this tea a beautiful red color.    **I will mention that I use a bit more than the recommended amount to steep, and I was going to use this iced in a giant Tervis mug (see picture below), so my brew may be a bit darker and stronger than a normal brew.  And by a bit more I mean I use Tablespoons instead of teaspoons – I found this works best for my taste with this tea :)**  The smell of the tea while steeping is still very fruity and pleasing.  , Oh, and that giant floating leaf while steeping is a fresh Stevia leaf I added for sweetness, not actually a part of the packaged infusion.


As I mentioned, this is in my large Tervis mug that I think is 24 oz (courtesy of the Dairy my husband’s farm ships their milk to, therefore the happy cheese!) on ice and was my refreshing drink for my work day at the greenhouse.  It was perfect!  Very fruity aroma, although still fruity taste not as strong as the smell.  Still a very good tea.  I buy it every time I order from Teavana, and since it’s caffeine free it’s safe to share with my 4 year old. 🙂

Dragon Fruit Devotion Herbal Tea:

For HOT Tea, use 1.5 Teaspoons per 8 oz of water that is 208*F for 5-6 minutes.

(As of this post)  $7.98 for 2 oz

Click here to go to Dragon Fruit Devotion page on Teavana’s website.

Thanks for joining me this wonderful June 2nd!  Be sure to let me know you’re take on this tea if you’ve tried it!


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