Great Day To Work in the Garden!

Could you have a asked for a more beautiful day?? (At least here in NE Ohio) It was 70s and sunny with a slight breeze.  Though a chunk of my day was spent at work, I came straight home and went to my garden.  A few days ago I had planted romaine lettuce and arugula.  I had planted 3 typed of kale (Oh yes, my daughter and I are Kale Crazy!)  along with some onions before that.  Then last night I planted my broccoli, 4 different tomatoes, rosemary, lemon thyme, English thyme ,parsley, basil, chives, Stevia and an ever-bearing Strawberry.

So today I worked on filling the other half of the cinder block holes with topsoil, some weeding, finally remembered to plant my beans, and I fertilized/ watered.  I am waiting on some nasturtiums at work, and have a little mini bell pepper set aside to bring home to plant.  Other than some marigolds I plan to plant sporadically around in and around the garden, I am pretty much done planting!  I am pretty darn proud of my garden and can’t wait to eat from the yumminess it will reward me with.  If the bugs don’t eat all my plants first that is… something is already putting tiny holes in my leaves 😦


My Garden

My Garden

I am also super excited about my tomato variety! I have a Supersweet 100 Cherry variety that I have grown before, but I also have a Wapsipinicon Peach, a Black from Tula, and a Pineapple Tomato!  I’ll have to give the tomatoes their own post another time though 🙂

Also, still trying to figure out where to plant my 2 Ground Cherry plants as there is no room in my garden.  Anyone have any tips on where to best plant these little treasures?




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