Sunday, Bloody Sunday

*Why yes, I am a U2 fan.  No, I am not British, but I do enjoy throwing a good bloody around in a sentence to switch things up 🙂 *

Today capped off the first of 9 weeks that I get to work 7 days a week.  It wasn’t bad.  I came home from work and went straight out to my garden.  Although it’s more of a raised dirt pit than a garden at the moment, but that’s why I had to get to it!  It was a beautiful day so I got the shovel and hoe and broke up the soil my wonderful husband dug up with the skidsteer and dumped into my garden this week.  He was even nice enough to level it out (the skidsteer bucket left it in a nice mound) while I was at work yesterday.  This week after the 2 days of rain they are predicting (I’d get mad, but it is April after all) I plan on getting some Miracle Gro potting soil and some compost to be my top layer and then I can begin planting!  I am already super excited to plant my turnips,peas, onions, strawberries, and kale.  Next month I’ll be able to plant my tomatoes, peppers, beans, and marigolds.  It’s coming along!  Still waffling on growing some potatoes.  I suppose there’s always next year.  At least next year I’ll have one hopefully successful gardening year under my belt… ok that’s not completely fair to myself: I successfully grew vegetables and flowers in containers the last couple years!  It is nice to have a bigger space to work with though, and hopefully I won’t have to water as much! 😉

Any gardening tips from you pros are greatly appreciated!


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