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starbucks gold card If you drink Starbucks often you should be taking advantage of Starbucks Card Rewards . For every purchase you make you earn a gold star. Once you have earned enough stars you move up status levels. Each level comes with it’s own rewards, the more purchases the make the more rewards you earn.

To Join

You can start earning points on your Starbucks purchases two ways. The first way to earn rewards is to make a visit to your local Starbucks location, and purchase a gift card. Load that gift card with funds, and register it online. Once your gift card has been registered at the Starbucks website you can begin to earn points with every purchase. If you rather pay with your cell phone, you can download the Starbucks app. The application allows you to add funds, pay with your phone, and tracks your rewards.

How to Earn Points

Once your…

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2 thoughts on “Starbucks Rewards

  1. Finally hit gold this year! I wish you wouldn’t lose your status at the end of each period if you don’t get as many stars, but it’s still a cool achievement. But, I guess it means I spend too much on coffee 😛


    • I’m still in the beginner level, but now that Teavana cards and purchases work with the app, I should be able to achieve the next level much quicker than with Starbucks purchases alone.


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