My Beginnings in Crochet


Way back in January of 2011 I bought a Boye self-teach kit for crochet.  I didn’t think what I was doing looked exactly like the pictures so I watched and crocheted along with some how-to videos on YouTube.  With YouTube along with text messages to a friend who had been crocheting far longer than I, I was able to figure out what I was doing.

I made “swatches” of the basic stitches until I was comfortable enough to make an actual project.  I think I may have made washcloths to start with and switched to baby blankets.  Also some baby beanies.  I learned to read patterns, and made some stuff on my own.  I made a toddler size blanket for my daughter where I switched colors, and she still sleeps with it to this day 🙂  Then the first lapghan size blanket I made was a large granny square in a variegated yarn.  It turned out beautiful. I’ve made scarves, a purse, lots of baby blankets and beanies, hats, baby booties, and even a full size blanket for my husband.  I’ve come a long way since completing that first chain.  I’m still amazed at the things a simple skein of unassuming yarn can become.  There are so many more projects I want to accomplish and complete.  Here is a sample of some of my work.  Enjoy!












2 thoughts on “My Beginnings in Crochet

  1. Your crochet work is lovely! I, too, enjoy crocheting. Sometimes I make items that force me to count every stitch (and woe to anyone who interrupts my concentration!). Other days, I find I need to make easier projects, or just start crocheting and see what happens.


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