My Thoughts on Last Night’s Episode of Scandal

Now that I’ve had ample time to nurse my Scandal hangover and think things over as much as I can (and way more than I should; it IS a TV show after all) I am ready to put my 2 cents out there.

(Last Season) When Jake stepped onto the scene in that coffee shop making small talk with Olivia Pope, I didn’t trust him.   With good reason since he was put in place to become her beau by Fitz and Command of B613.  Yet, after he fell in love with Olivia while watching her pine for the President and even went against orders for her we saw the GOOD side of him.  After last night, that side is GONE!  He made it clear he doesn’t like being Command, but he’s stepped up to the job and apparently going to give it his all.  That brings me to WHO GOT SHOT.

Obviously they want us to believe it was James.  Cyrus with what seemed a tearful, heartfelt good-bye upon finding the listening device in the picture frame and realizing James is Publius really pushed us to believe it is James.  Yet, David is the all goo- all day, White Hat who even tried to bring Olivia back from the Dark Side.  Abby made it clear she didn’t like him in danger and isn’t their relationship so darn cute?!  If Jake only shot 1 of them WHY would he leave David Rosen as a witness?  James married Cyrus and committed perjury for him; James is more likely to be the quiet witness.

The monologue of Jake talking to someone in what seemed a “swear in” to B613: WHO was he talking to?? Was it James? Maybe officially bringing Quinn in now that it’s certain she is no longer a Gladiator? Maybe I’ve read David way wrong and it’s him? I suppose we will find out next Thursday and until then all of this is speculation.

I will say that Sally plays crazy pretty awesomely!! Her practice debate with the swine and crispy piggy lines had me stunned!! I felt bad for the Preacher who was flown in to “help” her.  Poor guy had NO IDEA what he was in for!! Honestly a part of me would like her to come forward and confess.  At least she shows some need to “atone for her sins”.

Also, in Fitz’s practice debate Mellie was super cute and well spoken!! There wasn’t nearly enough of her in this episode!!

Moments I loved: Jake asking Liv to runaway with him and save him *swoon*    Also when Liv opens Fitz’s eyes that there is no clean just like there is no Vermont.  At least one of them can speak the truth.  Although it hurts to give up that Vermont dream and the house!




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